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  • Gear Aid 325 Paracord Green Gear Aid 325 Paracord With Carabiner - 50ft Green

    Gear Aid 325 Paracord With Carabiner - 50ft Green

    The 325 Paracord is 50 ft of 3 mm cordage made of 100% nylon. It’s ideal for applications requiring thinner cordage without sacrificing strength and durability. Perfect as a tent guyline, clothesline or survival bracelet, this lightweight cord is...

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    UST ParaKnife 4.0 PRO Canada UST ParaKnife 4.0 PRO

    UST ParaKnife 4.0 PRO

    ParaKnife™ 4.0 PRO Features ParaKnife™ 4.0: A durable 4 inch (101mm) long, 4mm thick stainless steel blade is a handy knife to have on the trail. The saw tooth blade adds maximum cutting functionality, and the black-oxide finish reduces rust...

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  • Gear Aid 550 Paracord Canada 100ft Sage Tan

    Gear Aid 550 Paracord With Carabiner - 100ft Sage/Tan

    The 550 Paracord is 4 mm cordage made of 100% nylon that comes in 100 ft. Use it to secure shelter, make a clothesline, or create a survival bracelet. This utility line also makes a durable paracord belt or shoe lace. With its 7-strand construction, the...

  • UST Paracord with biner canada

    UST Paracord With Carabiner

    The Paracord with Biner is a keychain that is ready when you need it. Just unravel and use for emergencies. Features Lightweight, strong and rugged Two pieces of cord for a total of over 4′ in length Spring-loaded, D-shaped carabiner is great for...

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