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  • Aquatabs water purification canada

    Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets - 50 Pack

    This package of Aquatabs contains 50 tablets per package. Each tablet treats 1 - 2 Litres. Aquatabs purifies water for camping, hiking, boating and international travel. Aquatabs are effective against Giardia cysts, bacteria and viruses, making water...

  • Backpacker First Aid Kit Canada

    Backpackers First Aid Kit

    The Backpacker contains all the essential items needed for wound management, blister care and minor accidents. Additional space is available to stock personal items and medications. The Backpacker First Aid kit contains: 12 safety pins, 2 cotton tip...

  • Fenix NW20 emergency whistle canada

    Fenix NW20 Emergency Whistle - 120dB

    Fenix NW20 high-powered emergency whistle.  Now a smaller profile.  If you can be heard, your chances of being rescued are greatly increased. The Fenix emergency whistle is designed to give you the best chance to survive in a disaster or...

  • Gear Aid 325 Paracord Green Gear Aid 325 Paracord With Carabiner - 50ft Green

    Gear Aid 325 Paracord With Carabiner - 50ft Green

    The 325 Paracord is 50 ft of 3 mm cordage made of 100% nylon. It’s ideal for applications requiring thinner cordage without sacrificing strength and durability. Perfect as a tent guyline, clothesline or survival bracelet, this lightweight cord is...

  • Gear Aid 550 Paracord Canada 100ft Sage Tan

    Gear Aid 550 Paracord With Carabiner - 100ft Sage/Tan

    The 550 Paracord is 4 mm cordage made of 100% nylon that comes in 100 ft. Use it to secure shelter, make a clothesline, or create a survival bracelet. This utility line also makes a durable paracord belt or shoe lace. With its 7-strand construction, the...

  • Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Refiills

    Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Refiills

    Original Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Refills effectively repel mosquitoes by creating a scent-free 15-foot zone of protection when used in fuel-powered Thermacell Repellers. Ideal for use while you are camping, hunting, fishing, gardening and around...

  • Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller - Green

    Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller - Green

    The Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller effectively repels mosquitoes by creating a 15-foot zone of protection. This compact, easy-to-use and stylish device will look great on any patio or deck while it works to keep pesky mosquitoes from biting...

  • UCO Survival Fire Striker Canada UCO Survival Fire Striker UCO Survival Fire Striker UCO Survival Fire Striker UCO Survival Fire Striker

    UCO Survival Fire Striker

    Sparks fly when the UCO Survival Fire Striker is used with its stainless steel striker. This fire starter has many uses and can ignite tinder or be used to light a campfire, gas stove or gas barbeque. The robust Ferrocerium rod is capable of 3,000...

  • UST Fire Starter Kit 1.0 Canada

    UST Fire Starter Kit 1.0

    Everything you need to start a fire in any conditions. The watertight case keeps all of your fire-starting materials bone-dry until you need them. Features Watertight Case 1.0 Waterproof carrying case WetFire™ Tinder Universal lighting material (5...

  • UST Paracord with biner canada

    UST Paracord With Carabiner

    The Paracord with Biner is a keychain that is ready when you need it. Just unravel and use for emergencies. Features Lightweight, strong and rugged Two pieces of cord for a total of over 4′ in length Spring-loaded, D-shaped carabiner is great for...

  • UST ParaKnife 4.0 PRO Canada UST ParaKnife 4.0 PRO

    UST ParaKnife 4.0 PRO

    ParaKnife™ 4.0 PRO Features ParaKnife™ 4.0: A durable 4 inch (101mm) long, 4mm thick stainless steel blade is a handy knife to have on the trail. The saw tooth blade adds maximum cutting functionality, and the black-oxide finish reduces rust...

  • UST Survival Reflect Blanket Canada UST Survival Reflect Blanket

    UST Survival Reflect Blanket

    A compact, lightweight, and waterproof emergency blanket that can be used for heat deflection or body heat insulation, as a wind and rain barrier, or as an emergency signaling device. Conserving up to 90 percent of body heat, the compact, lightweight,...

  • UST Watertight First Aid Kit 1.0

    UST Watertight First Aid Kit 1.0

    The UST Watertight Survival Kit 1.0 contains an assortment of essential supplies you may need in an emergency, all packed in a Watertight Case 1.0. You can keep this kit in various places, including your house, car, boat, or pack, so you will always be...

22 of 22 Items